Green Poison Shatter to Jailbreak iOS Version 4.1

Green Poison Shatter to Jailbreak IOS Version 4.1 – As a writer which is not very techie I have to really research and do some search on what is Green Poison and what is Jailbreak. It seems that Green Poison is an iPhone 4 OS or software that uses the shatter exploit which jailbreaks all iPhone and iPod touch and iPad hardware for life. That did not help me to really understand why people are eager about the release of Green Poison.

Seems like Green Poison shatter to Jailbreak IOS Version 4.1 will allow you to modify and have access to the software that controls your iPhone. According to those who are creating the Jailbreak Green Poison for iOS 4.1 this piece of software will be released any time this week and even before the release of iOS 4.2. The software will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux users before Apple releases the iOS 4.2 update.

Now let us go further into the topic of jailbreaking. So it seems that Jailbreak is in away hacking into the iOS system. A major focus of jailbreaking is allowing theming, using emulators and community-made tweaks like multitasking and editing the Springboard. Multitasking is only supported on 3rd-generation and newer iOS devices, and applications are not allowed to modify the look of the OS.

Now, I personally understand why people are so pumped up in looking for Green Poison jailbreak for iOS version 4.1.

For me, I did not find any good download yet and we are also advising users to be very careful as there had been some reports of jailbreak downloads which are actually spams and trojans.

Here is a related video about Green Poison Shatter to Jailbreak iOS Version 4.1:

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  1. StaunchAppleSupporter says:

    Att customers that own ANY Iphone with the “grandfathered” $30 unlimited plan (like me)will REAP MAJOR BENEFITS from jailbreaking. Its called FREE tether with ZERO limit on data usage. In the beginning, the $30 Iphone data plan was marketed as being UNLIMITED, period. Including ALL marketing materials, etc. Att knows that if they were to even try to mess with that, they would see a huge civil suit costing a lot of $$$ for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, which would get the FCC involved. Later on, Att changed the $30 Iphone data plan to a limit of 5 gigs, then, eventually removed the $30 plan and began offering the WORTHLESS/DISMAL 2GB data plan with a $10 per gig over the limit fee.

  2. StaunchAppleSupporter says:

    I just hope the new jailbreak is NOT TETHERED.
    Since it is a BOOTROM exploit, it almost HAS to be tethered, meaning every single time your Iphone is turned off due to dead battery or just to reset it, you will be required to connect your Iphone to the computer that has the jailbreak software on it, just like BLACKRA1N was…..
    SO either you have to carry your laptop around if you have one, just in case your Iphone locks up or your battery dies so you can USE your Iphone!
    BOOTROM is accessed EVERY TIME you power cycle your Iphone off or on. The Iphone “BOOTS” just like your home computer does from your PC BIOS….
    Since its BOOTROM (BOOT READ ONLY MEMORY), that means it CANNOT be changed. BUT…the right person (DEVTEAM) can “write” temporary code to the BOOTROM via USB cable “live”
    that targets the Iphone BOOTROM “temporarily” to bypass the Apple BOOT CODES…to allow CYDIA to be installed…

  3. Ant says:

    The bootrom is not stricktly read only is it? I mean it could be and eprom, like a PC BIOS which can be flashed. Im sure that it can be updated via firmware updates and also openiboot can be loaded onto some iphones bootroms that support it, 1g 2g iphones etc. I hope its not teathered tho!

  4. Gil says:

    I have ios 4.0.2 installed on my iPhone 4. Should I update to version 4.1 now so I can jailbreak later?

  5. nasare says:

    so is this 100% that it will jailbreak my iphone 3gs 4.1 version and cause no damage to my iphone or software every time i turn it on or off

  6. Evelyn says:

    will this work on 2G 4.1 the jailbreak

  7. IFlaW4g says:

    GP, will JB all devices running 4.1 firmware. Yes it is a bootroom exploit, meaning apple cannot send out an update(like they did with 4.0.2) to break the jb. Apple will have to change hardware in newer devices in order to break the jb. This is great for every1 who owns an iPhone present day. It is also an untethered jb.

  8. bigmatt says:

    WRONG WRONG WRONG. GreepoisOn jailbreak is a bootrom exploit that is found in the new A4 chip used in the Iphone 4G, Touch 4G, and the Ipad only. It will not work on any other device using 4.1, but LimeRa1n will jailbreak all idevices according to the limited info out so far. That is out the day after GreenposiOn on 10/11.

  9. Billy says:

    Lot of people are asking for the comparison between limera1n and greenpois0n jailbreak and which one to be preferred… Also, another question is what if both the jailbreak methods are used.???

    I found this post that explains both of these questions along with simple steps on how to use Greenpois0n and Limera1n to jailbreak the iPhone IOS 4.1/4.0.x..

    Good luck.

  10. Brad says:

    Limerain works good with iPhone 3GS my battery has died several times and has not once locked up on me version 4.1

  11. nathan says:

    you can jailbreak your ipod touch 4.1 and then dont install cydia onto it yet and go to itunes and uppdate it and it will be on 4.2.1 and it will be jailbroken so you dont have to wait for the new green poison jailbreak

  12. meonly says:

    will this software work on the iphone 3g with version IOS 4.1

  13. Wall says:

    DONT use green poison. It just killed my iPhone! DEAD!
    followed first step and it killed my phone. DO NOT USE GREEN POISON

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